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The PBS KIDS Utah Reading Marathon is important to us because my girls love to read! My wife and I started reading to them the day we brought them home. We read after school and every night before bed to wind down for the day.

If you've ever kept a journal, you'll understand the importance of keeping some things secret. This can be hard with little brothers and sisters around. This activity will teach you how to make your very own secret code, that even they won't be able to understand! 

Taking photos of nature and animals is fun, but a human subject is always extra interesting. With these fun photo props, you’ll be able to take silly photos of friends, family, and even selfies. The best part about it is that you can make the props yourself! 

With kids being back in school, they're not only navigating new experiences, but they’re also trying to establish a sense of self as they determine how to interact with their peers. The good news is that kids can learn how they fit into this big world right within their own family unit, at home!   

Getting swept up in a mind-boggling puzzle that really gets your brain working can be a great way to spend the evening together as a family. It's even better when you help your kids create their own game! Here's a way to create your very own jig-saw puzzle.


A card created with your own artwork has a very special touch. Here’s how to make a greeting card with an extra unique touch: your fingerprint!


We're wrapping up summer with an imperfect art project! Sometimes it's fun to use your imagination and create something totally unique and different. There's a special beauty in a collage rainbow that's a great mix of beauty and imperfection.

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