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Do you love to bird watch with your kids? Wintertime is a great time to bird watch! The leaves are off the trees and there are many birds that stay through the winter. Let's celebrate the birds in our neighborhoods with this bird craft.

Did you love paper dolls as a kid? Make these Paper People with your own children and take a walk down memory lane!

Patterns are everywhere! Encourage your child to be on the lookout for patterns in your everyday life, like the brickwork on a building, the layers of a pinecone, or the stripes on a bird. Then, use these patterns to create this neat craft!

Looking for a family-friendly activity to play after the sun goes down? It's still getting dark early, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun. Grab your flashlights, turn off the lights, and get ready to play these great "Light and Shadows" games!

Want to host your own At-Home Family Night? PBS Utah hosts Family Nights at local Title I elementary schools every year. You can join in the fun by playing these games with your family and entering to win a PBS KIDS prize pack!

It’s Act It Out Week! Let your imagination run wild! Dramatic play is rich with developmental, physical, and social-emotional benefits for children of all ages.

Embrace your child’s curiosity and unleash their creativity by encouraging them to become problem-solvers! Empower them to ask questions (asking why is a good thing!), make observations, and gather information.

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