Recent Blog Entries

With Easter around the corner, it's the perfect time to dye your Easter eggs! Checkout this natural way to dye eggs from our artist friend Missy.

Spring is the perfect time to create your own windsock to blow in the springtime breeze! When the wind catches it, it will twirl and the long strips will flutter and fly.

Spring weather is always changing! Print off this weather tracker for you and your little one to start observing the weather in your neighborhood.

We love these Learn at Home packets. Just print of the BINGO game card, watch PBS KIDS, and mark off the activities as you go! This week we are celebrating Spring!

Make and decorate your own Frisbee then get outside in the sunshine to play with friends and family!

It’s Five Senses Week, and this Learn Along BINGO packet has fun ideas for exploring and playing at home! Print the BINGO card and use your five senses to observe objects, organisms, events, and to learn about the world around you. 

Looking for some inspiration for your Writers and Illustrators Contest story? Checkout our step-by-step guide for drawing backyard birds. The contest theme is "Celebrate the Great Outdoors," so get outside and start drawing!

It's Growing as a Writer week at PBS KIDS! And, it's perfect timing because the Writers and Illustrators Contest is underway. Download this activity packet and enjoy writing activities together as a family. Remember to check off the BINGO activities as you go!

It’s Growing as a Reader Week! Checkout this packet for everyday learning ideas and reading activities. As you complete each square, mark it off to celebrate the learning.