The Monster at the End of this Book--Review by Lizz

Hey there! It's Lizz. This is part of a blog series on our favorite children’s books to promote the ongoing Reading Marathon. So look for Elise and Carli's reviews coming soon!

Growing up I loved reading. It all stemmed from my dad’s love of books. He used to pile my three siblings and I together into one of our twin beds before bed and read us The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Being the youngest, I was too young to really understand anything, but I loved listening regardless.

Out of all the books from my childhood my FAVORITE was The Monster at the End of This Book.

My dad did a killer Grover impression and I would make him read it to me over and over again. We’d really act out each page. He’d make is seem impossible to lift the page that is tied down by rope and try to break through the page covered by bricks.

As soon as my father became a grandfather for the first time one of the first things he did was go out and buy a new copy (since mine was so tattered) to give to him. And even though it was my dad who gave my nephew his first copy, it was his Auntie Lizz, in her best Grover voice, that read it to him for the 
first time. 

What books do you enjoy reading to your children? Do you remember your favorite childhood book?

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