Black History Month: Events & Resources for Families

This month on KUED, we are excited to celebrate Black History Month with special programming and events. Today, we wanted to share some resources so you can teach your children about this month.

Black History Month was officially recognized by the U.S. Government in 1976, two hundred years after U.S. independence. Learning about the difficulties faced by African Americans helps everyone. Armed with the knowledge of the past, children will learn to develop love and empathy for others.

To learn more about Black History Month and find more information to share with your children, visit the “Embracing Black History Month” section of PBS Parents linked here. We’ve also provided direct links to a few of our favorite articles from that section below.

1.      Connecting Kids with Black History

2.      Inspiring Kids to Love Their Differences

3.      Books that Bring the Black Experience to Life

Thanks for celebrating with us this month! If you’re interested in our upcoming community screenings related to black history during the month of February, visit here and here.

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