Celebrate Valentine's Day with the Whole Family!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we at KUED PBS KIDS think this is the perfect time to spread kindness. Valentine's Day is also a time when kids can show appreciation for those they love. We love these ideas from PBS, because you don't have to spend a lot of money to get your kids into the spirit of Valentine's. Whether your family decides to stay in or go out, we've come up with some inexpensive ideas to celebrate love at your house. 

  • Make homemade Valentine's cards. PBS Kids already has you covered with 7 easy DIY Valentine's cards. With these DIY Valentine's card templates, all you have to do is print them off and let your kids get creative. There are templates with Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, Nature Cat and even some that don't even require printer ink. You simply use items you already have around the house to help your kids come up with some of the cutest Valentine's, without spending a dime.
  • Say "I Love You" with children's books. Checkout this list of heartwarming books from PBS Parents. Kids start developing a sense of self at a young age. As parents, we want our kids to know that they are loved - and to love themselves. Give your child the gift of a book this Valentine's Day, write a little note in it, and use it as a way to say "I Love You" that he or she can treasure forever.
  • Create edible expressions of Love. Some people like to express their love with food. While baking cookies is a long-standing Valentine's Day tradition, PBS Parents has come up with other thoughtful and delicious ways to let your children and loved ones know you’re thinking of them. 
  • Have a Pinkaperfect Valentine's Day. PBS Kids is showing new episodes of Pinkalicious and Peterrific on Monday, Feb. 11 - Friday, February 15. Check your local listing for show times. With all new episodes on PBS Kids, we have a feeling your kids are going to "love" them!

Whether you’re sticking to old traditions or starting new, make this Valentine’s Day celebration one to remember! 

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