Daniel Tiger's Emergency Kit

“Take a grownup’s hand, follow the plan, and you’ll be safe.”

September is National Preparedness Month, and with winter approaching we decided now would be the perfect time to put together our KUED Kids First Aid Kit. With the help of Daniel Tiger’s new episode “A Stormy Night,” we were able to gather all the right supplies for an emergency.

As a poor college student, my first instinct was to go to the Dollar Store. I was AMAZED at how many first aid kit necessities they had in stock. (They even had a thermometer… For a dollar!) Just to be safe, I threw a couple treats in as well.

Turn this into a fun activity with your kids and have them help you gather supplies, such as books, games, and puzzles to add to your families emergency supply kit.

We used Daniel Tiger’s “Making an Emergency Supply Kit” to get us started. You can download the checklist here to create a kit for your car, your home, or your office.


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