Making New Year's Resolutions with Your Children

For many of us, the New Year is a time to set new goals and make positive changes. Eating healthier or increasing exercise - there is always room to grow by setting resolutions for the coming year. Setting new goals as a family is a great tradition to do as you ring in the new year.

Sit down as a family this week and have each member share something they are proud of from the previous year, and one thing they want to change. If your child is old enough to write, he or she should write down their accomplishments and goals, and you can help your younger child by writing down theirs for them.

You can also make resolutions as a family. This might include goals like taking a monthly hike, playing board games twice a month, or volunteering more often. As well as family resolutions, it can help to include children in your own goals. If your goal is to drink more water, then inviting your children to join you can help them learn to follow through by example.

No matter how old your children, taking the lead will help them understand the importance of goal setting. To see more New Year’s Resolution ideas, and age specific help for setting and following through with goals, head over to this article on PBS Parents.

Happy New Year!


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