New AAP Screen Time Guidelines

We know how difficult it can be to balance work, kids, screen time, and play time with your family. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) new guidelines is a tool to help families balance media and everyday life. We are feeling very proud at PBS Kids, because the new guidelines also name PBS Kids as a high-quality content provider that can positively impact children's learning.
Below we have pulled out the recommendations by age, but you can read the full article here:
Infants and toddlers under 18 months:
·       Focus on creative and unplugged playtime
·       Avoid screen time
·       Video-chatting is ok, and is seen as beneficial in staying connected with family and friends
Children between 18 and 24 months:
·       Only introduce high-quality media programming such as PBS KIDS content
·       Watch together and play together
Children ages 2-5:
·       Limit screen time to one hour per day
·       Co-view media with children to help them better understand different concepts and how to apply these concepts to the real world.
Children 6 years and up:
·       Place boundaries and limitations on the amount of time spent using media, and the types of media being used.
To get some ideas on creating a media plan for your family, AAP has launched a “Family Media Use Plan” tool at to help you establish a healthy media use diet for your whole family.

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