Putting Books into the Hands of Children

Putting good literature into the hands of a child can open up a whole new world for them. Studies have shown that teaching kids to read at a young age instills the foundation for language and literacy development. Kids who have parents that read to them, perform better in school and have fewer behavioral issues. Not only does reading improve child development skills, children also become well-versed in storytelling and can sympathize and express their emotions better. But, not all children have easy access to books.

For all these reasons and more, one of KUED Kids most notable efforts is putting books into the hands of young children, with the support of a grant from the R. Harold Burton Foundation. Kids who experience trauma and stress at a young age can develop a sense of hope, coping skills, and a love of learning by immersing themselves in a book. We recognize that not all kids have their own home library and that during the school year children are accessing books from the school library. So, when kids are out of school for summer break, they often lose their access to books. This is why KUED Kids came up with an initiative to get and keep kids reading all summer long.

We are honored to have donated books, bookshelves, seating, and rugs to Family Promise of Salt Lake, The Road Home Family Shelter in Midvale, and to the Grandfamilies and Kinship Care Program with the Children’s Services Society. All of these organizations were recipients of the Cleone Peterson Eccles Mobile Education lab last summer. We are invested in creating creative and literature-rich spaces within organizations such as these so that all children have access to books early on in childhood! It is our hope that by providing these types of educational resources, we are instilling the foundation for children from every walk of life to develop strong literacy skills and a love of reading!