Teaching Kids Gratitude

November is a great time to teach your kids gratitude. When we feel and show gratitude every day, we are happier overall! Check out this great resource from PBS KIDS for Parents that talks about how happiness is achieved when people practice acts of gratitude: For Greater Happiness, Teach Gratitude 

We’ve also compiled our favorite crafts, activities, and books to read that we find especially useful when teaching kids gratitude:

  • Create a Thankful Tree: Celebrate the beauty of fall with your family, while giving them a chance to think of and visually display things that make them grateful. This makes a fun and festive centerpiece for your table on Thanksgiving Day! 
  • Read a Book about Gratitude: These books bring to life the meaning of gratitude and giving thanks.  
  • Create a Gratitude Jar: This activity simply requires a jar and a notepad. Ask your kids to write down one thing for which they are grateful each day and place the note into the jar, then read the notes together as a family. You and your kids will see all the positive things in their life that bring them happiness and thanks. 
  • Model Gratitude: Remember, our children are looking to us to show them how to treat others and how to be thankful for each other. 
  • Make a Helpful Gifts Coupon Book: This would make a perfect holiday gift, and shows children how they can be helpful to others by offering their services to parents, teachers, and grandparents. 
  • Watch Daniel Tiger: Watch short clips with your kids that show Daniel Tiger and his friends doing nice things for each other. 

While it's important to teach kids gratitude and what it means to be thankful, it's also important to show your children that you are thankful for them. Give extra hugs, write them a quick note, give praise often, and remind them of their strengths. Sharing gratitude with your kids will make Thanksgiving especially meaningful for them this year! 

Download/Print PBS Kids Gratitude Lunchbox Notes Here!

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