Valentine's Day Craft and Date Ideas!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've always loved Valentine's Day, from making a Valentine's box in elementary school, to sharing it with someone special. It's a day filled with love, and should be celebrated with the ones you love! Today we did two crafts. Our first craft was a fun banner to hang in your home and the other is a homemade Valentine to make for your kids.

The first craft was inspired by The Pursuit of Happiness's blog post:

The supplies you'll need for the craft are: Scissors, Glue sticks, Tape, colored paper, and pencils.


1. Start by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting heart shapes out of the colored paper. Cut out various sizes and colors to make it unique!

2. Cut slits into the bottom of the hearts so you can link the hearts together.

3. Glue the heart links together as desired. We glued ours together to make an archway.

4. After you have finished linking and gluing, flip the banner over.

5. Tape the slits you cut at the bottom of the hearts back together. 

6. Hang it somewhere where everyone can feel the love!

Check out the pictures below to see how we did it!

Here's an adorable homemade Valentine to give to your child. It's a great and inexpensive way to enjoy quality time with them!

Print off the page of cute date ideas we came up with, or come up with your own. We love the idea of creative ways to spend quality time with your kids from Raising Lifelong Learner's page:

Supplies: Scissors, Glue sticks, colored paper, a hole punch, and a key ring.


1. Print off our list of date ideas you and your child can go on. We came up with 12 ideas, so you can do one a month, and celebrate love all year round.

2. Cut out each idea, and glue it to a colorful piece of paper.

3. Punch a hole in each card you've created and link the key ring through them all.

4. Give it to your child for Valentine's Day!

See pictures below for our version!

File Family Date Valentine Ideas13.12 KB

Happy Valentine's Day!

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