Frankie, the Rescue Dog

Nancy Green


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All summer long, we've been following Utah County Search and Rescue, but now that winter is nearly upon us, it's time to shift gears. So over the next few weeks, we're going to spend time with Snowbird Ski Patrol's Marguerite Van Komen and her rescue dog, Frankie, to learn more about winter safety. Frankie is just a pup, but he's being trained for serious work...locating avalanche victims. We caught up with Frankie and Margie last year at Wasatch Backcountry Rescue's avalanche dog training. 

Trainer and dog must remain committed to a common goal.

Technically, the dog belongs to Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, but as his trainer and roommate, Margie has made a commitment to be with him at Snowbird for at least 10 years.

Margie works hard to keep training fun and exciting. 

The two are inseparable. Margie must train Frankie to do things that aren't always pleasant so he has to trust her implicitly and obey her without hesitation. If all goes as planned, Frankie will become a certified avalanche dog this year. Keep your paws crossed.

He's the whole package: cute, smart, and a rescuer!

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