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Taking photos of nature and animals is fun, but a human subject is always extra interesting. With these fun photo props, you’ll be able to take silly photos of friends, family, and even selfies. The best part about it is that you can make the props yourself! 

With kids being back in school, they're not only navigating new experiences, but they’re also trying to establish a sense of self as they determine how to interact with their peers. The good news is that kids can learn how they fit into this big world right within their own family unit, at home!   

Getting swept up in a mind-boggling puzzle that really gets your brain working can be a great way to spend the evening together as a family. It's even better when you help your kids create their own game! Here's a way to create your very own jig-saw puzzle.


A card created with your own artwork has a very special touch. Here’s how to make a greeting card with an extra unique touch: your fingerprint!


We're wrapping up summer with an imperfect art project! Sometimes it's fun to use your imagination and create something totally unique and different. There's a special beauty in a collage rainbow that's a great mix of beauty and imperfection.

We know that this school year are looks different, and many of you are continuing distance learning at home while others are sending your kids back to school. Make teaching essential skills fun, engaging, and easy to incorporate into your everyday routines no matter where your kids are learning with the help of our Digital Backpacks!

Play this fun memory game after dinner with your kids, or use it during your homeschooling routine.

Capture the sun and bring it inside with this beautiful suncatcher craft!

Checkout the new Digital Backpack with specific literacy skills students are expected to have by the end of Kindergarten. We've also included activities you can do at home to prepare your child for school and make English Language Arts fun and exciting.

Checkout this Digital Backpack with parent support and artistic learning activities you can do at home with your kids to promote creativity and imagination around visual arts, drama/theater, dance, and music.

It’s a special feeling to make “something” out of “nothing." This is a fun project using those old magazines that are just collecting dust.

Checkout this Digital Backpack with parent support and activities you can do at home with your kids to promote good mental health and social-emotional learning.

Beat the heat with this yummy treat the whole family will enjoy!

Digital Summer Backpacks feature an easy-to-download PDF booklet offering PBS KIDS educational resources, activities, recipes, suggested reading, and learning tips associated with a specific subject like math or science. New backpacks will be released each week through the end of August!

Using a pair of binoculars is very helpful in observing the world around you. It helps you focus in on smaller details you might otherwise miss. Here is a way to make a pair of your very own binoculars to use in your own backyard or on camping trips with your family.


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