Engineering Week - Marble Run

I have been waiting all week to do this fun and hands-on engineering project! We are going to design and engineer a homemade marble run using items that we already have on hand. I have been collecting my toilet paper tubes all week in preparation for this activity, so start setting yours aside!

DIY Marble Run


  • Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
  • Painter’s Tape – I don’t have this at my house, so I’m using scotch tape and sticking it to my sliding glass door
  • Scissors
  • Marbles or other objects like cotton balls, candy, coins, etc.
  • Mug, Bowl, or Basket to catch the items as the roll down the Marble Run

Activity instructions:

  1. Decorate the cardboard tubes with tape, markers, or crayons,
  2. Cut the tubes in half right down the center
  3. Find empty wall or door space to setup your marble run
  4. Make sure to tape the tubes down low so the littlest helpers can get in on the action
  5. Start taping the tubes onto the wall one by one
  6. Test as you go, as the marbles will shoot off if a tube isn’t in the right position to catch it
  7. Continue building and testing as you go
  8. Set your mug or basket at the very last tube to catch the marbles or other objects

Now that you’ve got the perfect Marble Run, it’s time to experiment. Try rolling your other objects down the chute. How do they compare to the marbles? You can also make chutes out of different objects like folded or rolled paper. Have fun and get creative!

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