Establishing a Healthy Sense of Self

Whether it’s virtual or in the classroom, kids are slowly easing their way back into the routine of a new school year. Not only are they navigating new experiences, but they’re also trying to establish a sense of self as they determine how to interact with their peers. The good news is that kids can learn how they fit into this big world right within their own family at home!

    Family Activities

    Those of us with kids at PBS KIDS Utah have come up with a list of our favorite things to do with our families that help build a sense of identity, self-confidence, and emotional well-being. Click on the links below to access the following activities:

    • Create a My Family Traditions book – Talk to your kids about some of your own family traditions. Ask them about some of their favorite holiday memories. Then work on this activity together. It will make a great gift for Grandma! 
    • Draw a Family Picture together - This activity will make them feel a sense of belonging. Tell them how important their roll is within your family. This will then extend to their friends, classmates, and team members.
    • Share family stories – Tell your children about successes, challenges, and family history. This will help them develop a sense of identity.
    • Play a game together – Kids love games. You can play a board game, an interactive game, or a Pinkamazing Family Game. It doesn’t matter the game. It will make your kids feel important because you are spending time with them.
    • Bake a family recipe together – Find a recipe that has special significance to your family. Explain the importance of it and why it should be kept in the family. If you don’t have one, create something new or try out Mom Tiger’s Banana Bread Recipe.
    • Watch MOLLY OF DENALI together - Point out traditions within Molly’s family. Have a conversation with them, comparing some of your own family traditions to some of theirs. Below you will find a list of questions you can ask. 

    Questions to Ask Your Child

    1. When watching MOLLY OF DENALI, point out the special traditions Molly has with her family. Ask, what special traditions do we share in our family? What do we do together every day? every week? every year?
    2. Encourage your child to talk about how families they see in books and on TV are the same as or different than your family. Ask, does our family look like this family? Who lives in their home? Do they have the same number of people? Their family is beautiful just like ours.
    3. At dinnertime, ask children (and adults!) to share something they love about the family -- a favorite memory, tradition, inside joke, etc.

    After trying out a few of the activities, checkout our lineup of educational PBS KIDS programs that you and your child can watch to continue the learning at home. You can stream them live at

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