Family Night Game - Dot Box


Howdy! It's Missy, guest blogger for PBS Kids Utah. I have a fun game for you to play with a friend or family member. I used to play this game with my sister during church, on a long car ride, or on an airplane. It's a good game to pass the time and doesn't require a lot of supplies. 


Dot Box Game


  1. One player sets up the "board," drawing dots in a grid formation, with seven dots across and four dots down on the paper.
  2. Write the first initial of each player's name on the bottom of the board. 
  3. Players take turns drawing a small line connecting two dots, either vertically or horizontally (not diagonally).
  4. The goal is to create a box and claim it as yours, by putting your initial in the box. You want to avoid letting your opponent create their own boxes. 
  5. Take turns drawing lines back and forth. Try to avoid making a three-sided box. This will allow your opponent to draw the fourth line and claim that box. 
  6. Eventually you will have to make three-sided boxes because you will run out of dots. Try to plan ahead to see where the best spot is to play. 
  7. After you complete a box and write your initial in it, you get another turn. Sometimes completing one box leads you to complete a bunch in just one turn. Make sure to watch for more boxes to complete. 
  8. Once the entire board is full of boxes and initials, the game is over. Count how many boxes you completed. Have your opponent do the same. The one with the most boxes wins. 
  9. Have fun! 


Once you understand the game-play, you can make bigger boards. They also don't have to be rectangular. You can make boards of any shape or size. A bigger board will make for a longer game. The possibilities are endless. 

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