Family Night Game - Memory

Hi everyone! Guest blogger and visual artist, Missy, here again with a fun a game for you and your family to play. This is a game my Mom, a retired first grade teacher, played with her students during class parties. I would often help in the classroom and loved playing this game with kids. It’s a memory game, but not like your standard Memory Match Game.

Memory Game

Print these pages to get started!

PDF icon Memory Cards Page 1928.2 KB
PDF icon Memory Cards Page 21.07 MB



  1. Print the Memory Cards Page 1 and Memory Cards Page 2
  2. Use scissors to cut along all the dotted lines.
  3. Use crayons or markers to color each picture.
  4. Lay all 12 pictures flat, face up. Study the pictures.
  5. Choose one person to be the Hider, the rest will be the Guessers.
  6. Guessers close their eyes while the Hider chooses one picture to remove and hide behind their back.
  7. Guessers open their eyes and try to figure out which picture is missing.
  8. The first Guesser to identify the missing picture gets to be the Hider on the next round.
  9. Have fun!

It’s fun to take turns and work on improving our memory. If you’d like to make the game harder, you can add some of your own pictures. Draw 6 images on a piece of paper, color them, and add them to the game! Be creative!

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