Family Week - Crazy Creature Game

Hi! Guest blogger Missy here! I’ve always loved playing games. Growing up, my family had a closet packed full of games: board games, card games, puzzles and more. It’s a good way to spend time together, and it’s always fun.

The game we are going to play is called Missy’s Crazy Creature Game. I learned this game during art school and would make all my friends play it with me on weekends. I have a binder full of the wild creature drawings we created. It’s fun for adults and children alike.

If you have younger kids, here are a few ways to modify the game.

  • Print the PDF that shows you where to fold, and which section is which. It also has the neck and waist lines pre-drawn so you will know where to connect those parts.
  • You can also skip the folding down between drawings and just keep the paper flat.
  • Another option for very young players would be to pre-draw some creatures. Cut on the folding lines. And mix and match heads, torsos and legs that way. Have fun!

Missy's Crazy Creature Game




  1. Each person gets a paper and a pencil/pen. Fold the paper into thirds (like you are folding a letter to fit into an envelope). Label the top section “head,” the middle section “torso” and the bottom section “legs.”
  2. Set the timer for 3 minutes. Start the timer. Everyone draw a head in the “head” section of their paper. This can be a human head, a dog head, a monster head or even something that is just the shape of a head (like a wall clock or a gumball machine, etc).
  3. Make sure this “head” has a neck that crosses the fold line just barely into the “torso” section.
  4. When the 3 minutes is up, fold the “head” section of the paper back so that it can’t be seen and the “torso” section is at the top. Pass your paper to the right.
  5. Now everyone has someone else’s paper and they should see some little neck marks at the top of the “torso” section of their paper. Those neck marks let you know where to start drawing a body.
  6. Start the timer again, 3 minutes. Draw a body in this “torso” section. From the neck to the waist. This will include arms. Again, get creative. You can draw a human torso, a dinosaur torso, or something that is torso shaped (like a tree trunk, or a refrigerator, etc.).
  7. Again, make sure this “torso” has a waist that crosses the fold line just barely into the “legs” section.
  8. When that 3 minutes is up, fold the paper back again so you can only see the blank “legs” section. Pass your paper to the right.
  9. Follow the same steps for the “legs” section. 3 minutes on the timer. Connect those waist lines to some kind of legs: human legs, duck legs, or even a fork and a spoon!
  10. When everyone is finished drawing their legs, it’s time for the big reveal! Unfold the paper and see the Creatures you all created!
  11. Now you can color the creatures with crayons or markers.

If you are like me, you’ll be able to play this game for hours. The very best part is the reveal of each Creature! The wackier the better!

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