Family Week - Headbands Game

This week we are focusing on family. As we enter week 5 of the stay-at-home orders and school being out, we are all feeling the strain of the situation, even children. Children are missing school, their teachers, their friends, playing on the playground, seeing extended family, and more. We at PBS KIDS Utah want to offer fun and meaningful ways for you and your family to connect during this time. 

We thought, what better way to spend time together than with a game night! We have put together a fun printable for you and your family to play the popular Headbands Game. If you don't have a printer, you can create your own cards as a family and use our templates as a guide for ideas. 

Headbands Game

PDF icon Headbands Printable Game and Rules972.04 KB



  1. Click here to print out the Headbands Cards and Rules
  2. If you don’t have a printer, create your own cards using ours as a guide
  3. Cut out the cards
  4. Put the cards face down in a pile
  5. Read through the rules
  6. Get your headbands on your head
  7. Everyone draws a card and the game begins!

Headbands Game Rules

  1. Place all of the cards face down in the middle.
  2. Each player places a headband on their head, and WITHOUT LOOKING places the card in the headband facing out. If player sees their own card, put it back in the middle and choose another card.
  3. Youngest player goes first, and asks each players two “yes” or “no” questions to help figure out what their card is. See Sample Questions for help.
  4. At any time, if the player thinks they know what their card is, they can ask “Am I ….?” If the answer is no, they keep asking questions until player has asked all of the other players two questions each. If player cannot guess their card on their turn, the turn ends and it is the next players turn.
  5. If player guesses their card, they may keep their card as a “point.” Then they should draw a new card and place it in their headband. Then it is the next players turn.
  6. Play continues with the next person. The first person to have three cards or “points” wins!

Click Here to Print Headbands Game and Rules

Headbands Card Sample

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