Fingerprint Greeting Cards

Hello everyone! I’m Missy, a guest blogger and artist. I send a lot of mail! I send out presents, I send messages, and I send artwork. I always like to tuck a card into each package to add another personal touch. A card with my own artwork on it is very special. Here’s how to make a greeting card with an extra unique touch- your fingerprint!



Print this page to get started!

PDF icon missys_fingerprint_card_patterns.pdf1.34 MB




  • Printed PDF patterns page
  • Blank A2 white cards OR
    white cardstock cut to 6”x8 ¾”
  • Scissors
  • Stamp pad
  • Envelopes



  1. Choose the pattern you’d like to use and cut it out using your scissors.
  2. Fold your paper in half along the crease or “hamburger style.”
  3. Hold your folded paper, now a card, with the fold on the left so it opens like a book. 
  4. Place your pattern in the center of the card and hold it steady with one finger. 
  5. Dab a finger from your other hand on the stamp pad and start making fingerprints around the edge of the pattern piece. 
  6. Once you’ve made fingerprints all the way around the edge, you can remove the pattern piece.
  7. Continue making fingerprints in all the white space around the edges of the card and not putting any fingerprints where the pattern piece was originally. 
  8. Let the ink dry.
  9. Have fun!

Now you can write a note or draw a picture in your card to send to a friend, teacher, or loved one. These cards are also great for birthdays or other holidays. They can accompany a gift or make a present of their own. You’ll definitely make someone’s day when they receive your beautiful fingerprint card.


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