Healthy Habits with our Friends from Sesame Street

Hey everyone, it's Elise, the Education Program Manager here at PBS Utah. For many of you, school is finally wrapping up for the year. It has felt like the longest school year ever, and I know how are grateful you are to be done with homeschooling and remote learning for the year! Can you believe that this means that summer is here? I can hardly believe it! With social distancing restrictions lifting in parts of Utah, many are going to be getting together with family and friends and spending more time with one another. While there are mixed feelings about this, I wanted to focus on healthy habits in my home like washing hands, eating healthy, getting physical activity in each day, and safely enjoying some sun. Our friends at Sesame Street have some great tips that we will implement into our routine along with following the CDC guidelines and the Governor's recommendations

Sesame Street has so many great resources for young kids and the whole family, especially on creating healthy habits. I found this "Healthy Habits for Life" guide on their website, and thought it would be perfect to share with you! It breaks down healthy activities into really easy steps that you and your little one can do together, like: learning new wiggle and dance moves with Grover, engaging your preschooler in the grocery store,  and creating new healthy meals together.

Healthy Habits for Life Guide from Sesame Street

PDF icon Healthy Habits for Life Guide6.28 MB

Print or view this guide from Sesame Street to get some great tips for creating healthy habits with your little ones.

As you and your family enjoy these long summer days, remember that you are your child's first and most important teacher. These healthy tips are just a starting point for you to create lasting memories and healthy habits with your child and your family.

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