Learn at Home - Playing with Patterns

Hey, hey! It’s artist and guest blogger, Missy, here again with another fun art project! In my own artwork, I am often inspired by patterns: a V of geese flying overhead, the curved lines in a lampshade, or the black and white pattern of a crosswalk. For this project we get to hunt for patterns, specifically patterns with texture.


  • Copy/printer paper
  • A marker
  • Crayons
  • Textured items from around the house/yard


  1. Use your marker to draw a big heart on your paper, fill the whole page. 
  2. Search your house (or outside in your yard) for items with a pattern and texture. 
  3. Tear the paper off the crayons you are using.
  4. Lay your paper over the item with texture, turn the crayon on its side, and rub. The pattern will appear on your paper inside your heart. 
  5. Repeat for each textured item you found with different colors. 
  6. Fill the heart with patterns. 

Now that you have started noticing pattern and texture in your house, you’ll start seeing it everywhere. Our world is full of pattern and texture. That’s part of what makes our world so interesting. Have fun!

To watch PBS KIDS shows on playing with patterns, download the PBS KIDS Video app. Looking for more activities? Checkout these great pattern games, activities, and songs at PBS KIDS for Parents.

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