Let's Vote! Talking to Children About Voting

It’s an election year and an exciting one at that! More people than ever are showing up early to vote and it’s a good idea to include your children in this process. This instills in them the value of voting and allows them to see that their choices will matter too. Here at PBS KIDS Utah, we've come up with some ideas to get your kids excited about the election. Click on the links below for stories, games, and crafts.

Activities for Explaining Elections

  • Explain the process. Then take a vote within the family. You can vote on what to have for dinner, what movie to watch, or what book to read. Make sure that each person in your family gets a vote and then count the votes together. Explain the results and discuss what to do if there’s a tie.
  • Read the online, interactive story "The Election Problem" with PEG + CAT!
  • Watch the video “ARTHUR: The Election/Francine Goes to War
  • Make a craft together. PBS KIDS for parents is full of creative ideas to get both you and your kids excited about voting. One fun idea is making Patriotic Voting Flags together.
  • Play Let’s Vote BINGO! This is a fun Learn at Home game. It includes a packet of printable activities that you can do with your kids. As you complete each activity, you can mark off the BINGO square that coincides with that activity.
  • Tune in to watch PBS KIDS programming about voting on the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel. You can also live-stream at pbskids.org/video/livetv or on your local station, pbsutah.org.
  • Most importantly- VOTE! Let your kids watch you vote. Whether you vote by mail or in person, they will find it fascinating to see you fill out or drop off that ballot.

Presidential Trading Cards

Print these trading cards of past presidents!

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