Light and Shadows Week - Flashlight Fun!

Young children are increasingly aware of light and darkness, especially how it connects to daily routines and changes how we experience the world around us. As you explore light, talk to your child about what they observe and notice about objects during the day and at night. Do they notice any shadows outside on a sunny day? What if it’s cloudy? Or shadows inside when the lights are on at night? Play with light and shadows with a table setting. Use a flashlight and other materials around the house to put on a shadow play. Four and five-year-olds will enjoy investigating cause-and-effect relationships. Ask them what happens when you move the source of the light to change an object’s shadow.

Since the sun is going down earlier, it's the perfect time to play a family game after dinner. All you need is 2 flashlights and 3 people to play the game.


  1. Give two players the flashlights, they are the “finders.” The other player is the “caller.”
  2. Turn off the lights in the room. 
  3. The “caller” will call out an item in the room, like “tv” or “stove” or “desk.”
  4. The “finders” will try to shine their flashlight on that item as quickly as they can. 
  5. The “finder” that shines their flashlight on the item first, wins. They give their flashlight to the “caller” and become the new “caller.”
  6. Play again!
  7. You can play this fun flashlight game in different rooms in your house to mix it up.

Ready for another game? Take turns tracing items in the room with the beam of your flashlight. You can also practice spelling your name or “drawing” shapes with your flashlight beam. Just remember not to shine it in your friends eyes. Have fun!

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