Missy's Memory Match Card Game

Hey everyone! It’s Missy, artist and guest blogger for PBS KIDS Utah, back again with a crafty activity. I’m a big fan of games. I love backyard games, video games and board games. What makes a game even more fun is if you create the game yourself! Play this memory match game with your family and celebrate the differences and similarities in people. 



  1. Use your crayons to color each face on the Memory Game Cards sheet. Use different all different shades for the skin colors: Peach, Tan, Brown, Burnt Sienna, etc. 
  2. Color the hair many different colors too: Yellow, Red, Black, or even Blue.
  3. Use your crayons to color the hats, glasses and facial hair as well. 
  4. Once you’ve finished coloring your first sheet, take the second sheet and color the faces exactly the same way so that you have a “match” to your first sheet.
  5. Use your scissors to cut along the dotted lines of both sheets. You will have 24 separate cards. 
  6. Now you can with the game you created! Lay all the cards face down and mix them up. 
  7. The youngest player starts first. Choose two cards and flip them over. If the two faces are the same, that player gets to keep that match and go again. If not, that player turns the cards back over, face down. Remember where those two faces were so you can make more matches later in the game. 
  8. It is now the next player’s turn. They get to choose two cards to flip over and see if they match. 
  9. Go back and forth until you have found all the matches. The player with the most matches wins!

***If the ink in your printer makes the cards see-through from the back, glue some construction paper to the back of each card.

It is important and natural to notice differences between people. Some people have light skin, some people have darker skin. Some people have brown hair, some people have blond hair. Some people have big noses, some people have small noses. Everyone looks a little bit different and that’s a good thing! But really, we have many more similarities than differences: we all eat food, we all have to go to sleep at night, we all want to be loved, we all want to have friends, and we all want to be happy.

Have fun creating and playing this match game! 

Download and Print the Memory Match Cards

PDF icon Missy's Memory Match Card Game1.12 MB

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