Parent Week - Meet Cory, Leia, and Daniela

This week we are introducing you to different families who are just like you: working from home, trying to homeschool, keep their kids busy, and keep everyone fed 24/7 during the pandemic!

Read all about Cory and his two girls, Leia and Daniela, and learn how the pandemic has given them the chance to spend more quality time together as a family.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Cory. I work for Ignite Creative Services where I am the Director of Training and Operations. I have two girls, Leia and Daniela, ages 11 and 8. I am an avid golfer, movie buff, and cook.

What's changed in your family's routine since being home?

The biggest thing that has changed is that I am not currently traveling for work. Now that I get to be home all the time, my routine with my kids has gotten to be much more consistent. As for their routine, I try my best to keep them on a schedule. We still have a consistent bedtime and we all get up at the same time every school day morning. The other big change is in the evening, there is no longer homework, so it actually frees up our evenings quite a bit.

What's a normal weekday schedule for you including the home schooling block?

I wake them up and make them breakfast, we spend some time together and then I send them to school (the patio or kitchen table) and I go to work (my bedroom). From there, they do their work (I assist when needed) and I do mine, then we meet back up for lunch. After that, they play and read while I finish up work and then from there it’s a normal night. Cooking dinner together, maybe a game or a movie, showers, and bedtime.

Hardest thing about the stay-at-home orders?

Without a doubt, the hardest thing about all of this is keeping up hope. I can see it in their eyes every morning, they miss their friends, they want to go do things like normal, I think they would even settle for a trip to the grocery store.

Best thing about the stay-at-home orders?

Just spending time together! Being a parent who travels, this is about the best thing ever for me! I know they are sick of it, but it will break my heart when this is over and I have to go back to a regular work schedule and I don’t get to hang out with them all day.

What do you want other parents to know right now?

Enjoy every moment of this. I realize that many parents reading this don’t work or don’t travel, so maybe enjoying this sounds like a stretch, but trust me, it’s the best time I’ve ever had. I know when things are back to normal next school year, I will never get this much uninterrupted time with them again. School, dance, music lessons, homework, sports practice, etc., will all take time with them away.   



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