Parent Week - Meet Pama, Tony, Audree, and Aria

This week we are introducing you to different families who are just like you: working from home, trying to homeschool, keep their kids busy, and keep everyone fed 24/7 during the pandemic!

Meet Pama and her family and learn how baking and teatime have brought some normalcy to their daily lives during the pandemic. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello, my name is Pama. My husband, Tony, is a full-time IT program manager and I work full-time at PBS Utah as the Grants and Foundation Officer. We have two daughters, Audree, age 4, and Aria, 9 months.

What's changed in your family's routine since being home?

Since we both work full-time, our children normally are in daycare/preschool Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm. We’ve been slow at regaining a sense of rhythm to our daily routine. During the first few weeks we did not introduce new routines and tried to stick to the schedule they would have had in school as we thought our time at home would be temporary. Now after more than a month, we have come to a point of having established new routines. For instance, we now bake a treat each afternoon and have teatime. We also set morning time aside for fully engaged play.

What's a normal weekday schedule for you including the home schooling block?

We need to have eyes on our young children all the time and that becomes exhausting when you mix in the needs associated with remotely working full-time. A new normal day begins with us all eating breakfast together, something we have always done. Tony and I switch off on work and engaging with the children throughout the morning. We eat lunch together then return to work and play. In the afternoon we have teatime, call/video chat with family and friends, and go on an afternoon walk. Our evenings are the same as before: prepare dinner, have our nightly dance party, and start our bedtime routine. Tony and I like to spend a bit of time unwinding to a movie or TV and glass of wine once the children are in bed.

Hardest thing about the stay-at-home orders?

I am extremely grateful that both my husband and I are able to earn money during this time of uncertainty.

It has been hard trying to find a work-life balance. We’ve struggled with establishing a good system where we can each do our work and see to the needs of our children. I think we are finally, now at the one-month stay-at-home mark, starting to get our footing on a system of mutual support.

Our four-year-old has become quite anxious and emotional. She misses her friends at preschool. And, certainly, she misses our weekend visits with family. The recent earthquake and its aftershocks have made her clingier, especially at night.

Best thing about the stay-at-home orders?

The ability to take life slowly is absolutely the best thing about the stay at home orders. In the now four weeks we’ve been home our baby has even started to crawl, which has been such fun to watch. I try to come up with a fun hands-on activity each day. Although its purpose is to engage our four-year-old, I personally find it very therapeutic. Although I end each day absolutely exhausted, I really love being able to be with my family. There really is nowhere else in the world I’d rather be right now.

What do you want other parents to know right now? Or advice you would give?

Buy an espresso machine. Just kidding, but not really.

There is no one right approach to parenting and certainly not in a time of a pandemic. We are just stumbling through each day doing our best to provide our children with the stability, security, and love they need.




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