Signs of Spring - Shadow Drawings


Hello everyone! It’s guest blogger and artist, Missy! Living in the Pacific Northwest, Winters are VERY rainy and dark. So when Springtime arrives, the sun comes out, and plants start to grow, I love to do yoga on my deck, take neighborhood walks and even draw in my backyard.

Now that spring has sprung and all I want to do is be outside in the sunshine! Here is an art project you can do while soaking up some Vitamin D. We are going to draw our toys using light and shadows!

Shadow Drawing


  • Paper
  • Pencil/pen
  • Toys (or other objects)
  • Sunshine (or lamp/flashlight)
  • Crayons or markers


  1. Identify where the sun is in the sky (this project works best in the morning or later afternoon) and find your own shadow on the ground. 
  2. Place your paper on the ground in the shadow. 
  3. Place the toy you’d like to draw in the spot you are standing (sun on one side, toy in the middle, paper on the other side).
  4. Adjust the toy so that it casts a shadow on the paper.
  5. Using a pencil or pen, trace the shadow of the toy on the paper. 
  6. Color your drawing with crayons or markers.
  7. Have fun!

Draw many toys and many objects. You’ll notice some things are more interesting to draw than others. Some have a shape that makes them immediately identifiable. Others are less obvious. Enjoy being out in the sun learning to draw new things!

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