Signs of Spring - Storytime

Hi, my name is Lindsey Watts and I'm the guest blogger today for PBS KIDS Utah. I am a Children's Librarian at the Anderson-Foothill Library. I am a furry friends enthusiast and have two kitties at home: Twiggy Sprinkles and Miso. I have been spending my quarantine time practicing my watercolor painting skills and have enjoyed trying to capture the spring flowers I see on my walks. I have also been using this time perfecting a banana bread recipe!

As I've been spending time at home and going on walks around my neighborhood, I've loved seeing all the new flowers blooming and it put me in the mood to share some stories and rhymes all about spring.

The first book I'm sharing, "Spring is Here!" by Will Hillenbrand, is all about two hibernating animals waking up. Mole wakes up first and must find a way to wake Bear up and he cooks up the perfect surprise for Bear.

The second story I'm sharing is "Where is Tippy Toes?" by Betsy Lewin. Tippy Toes is a very silly kitty to roams outside in the garden where we see lots of spring elements and we also see Tippy Toes getting into a bit of trouble!

I also decided to share a fun spring counting rhyme and also a rhyme about animals hiding in our gardens, if we listen closely we can guess who it is! 

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