Space Week - Astronaut Fitness

Elise here with the final activity of our at-home Space Week of learning. If you've missed day 1 and day 2 and want to get caught up, you can find them here on the blog. Each week I will be sharing tips to keep you and your kids entertained, engaged, and learning at home with easy hands-on activities. This week the theme is Space!

Today's activity is one that will get your heart rate up and get your body moving! But first, learn how astronauts exercise and keep fit using a treadmill aboard the International Space Station in this video from NASA. Karen Nyberg, an Expedition 37 flight engineer, demonstrates how to run on the COLBERT treadmill in a weightless environment and explains some of the engineering behind its design. 

Astronaut Training


Supplies needed: 

  • Astronaut Training Checklist printable (or you can pull it up on your phone)
  • Space in your living room or outside

Activity instructions:

  1.  Watch the video about exercising aboard the International Space Station


  2. Print or pull up the Astronaut Training Checklist


  3. Now get your kids moving! Think of this like astronaut boot camp. Start out slow, get warmed up, and then get moving! You can take turns making up new movements, too.