Summer Camp - Chocolate Banana Milkshake

My name is Missy. I’m an artist and a guest blogger. I’m also a huge foodie! I’ve worked in the food service industry for most of my adult life in one capacity or another. I’ve grown my own backyard vegetable garden. I even catered my own wedding. 

It’s still summertime and it’s so hot. Let’s make a cold treat! I love a good simple recipe and this is one I’ve had in my head since I was in junior high school. Let’s make a Chocolate Banana Milkshake.


  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup vanilla ice cream or vanilla dairy free ice cream
  • 1 cup chocolate milk or dairy free chocolate milk
  • Blender
  • Cups
  • Straws


  1. Peel one banana and put it in the blender.
  2. Measure 1 cup vanilla ice cream and put it in the blender.
  3. Measure 1 cup chocolate milk and put it in the blender. 
  4. Put the lid on the blender, plug it in, and push start. Blend until smooth.
  5. Pour into glasses, add straws and enjoy!
  6. Makes 2 pints.

Have fun making this delicious and easy milkshake. You can try different versions: vanilla/banana, chocolate/strawberry, vanilla/raspberry, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

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