Summer Camp - Missy's Rock Friends

During June and July we are sharing with you our favorite Summer Camp activities that you and your kiddos can do from home. Missy has a great idea for turning that rock collection into a fun summer afternoon activity. After gathering rocks while out in your yard, on a nature walk, or at the park - decorate them and turn them into Rock Friends!

Guest blogger, Missy, here again! I’m an artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve always been fond of nature. Plants and animals make me happy. Trees, flowers, sticks, even rocks! There is so much beauty to be found in nature.

When I’m out camping or hiking, I like to gather interesting rocks. I like to gather rocks that have beautiful colors, or rocks that have interesting shapes. Then I bring them home and they sit on the deck for a while. This week, I decided to turn those collected rocks into Rock Friends!

Missy's Rock Friends


  • Rocks
  • Acrylic craft paint (nontoxic)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plates or yogurt lids
  • Newspaper
  • Outdoor Sealer (nontoxic)
  • Googly eyes (self-adhesive)


  1. Find some rocks in your backyard, on a hike, or while camping. Clean the rocks with warm water and soap. Let them dry completely.
  2. Think of what you want your rock friend to look like. They can have spots or stripes. They can look like a beetle or like a turtle. They can be a crazy colorful mess!
  3. Start with a base coat of paint. I like to paint lighter colors first because darker colors are easier to layer on top of light ones.
  4. Paint one side and let it dry, then flip your rock over and paint the other side.
  5. Sometimes darker colored rocks will need a few layers of paint to get a more vibrant result. Be patient and let them dry completely before adding more layers.
  6. Add spots or stripes or any details you like.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your Rock Friend’s paint job, it’s time to add a layer of outdoor sealer. This will keep the paint in place and give your friend a nice shine!
  8. When the sealer is dry, you can add googly eyes to your Rock Friend.
  9. Have fun!

You can place your Rock Friend in your garden, in the pot of an indoor potted plant, or on your desk in your bedroom.  You could even leave it hidden in a local park for someone else who needs a friend!

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