Summer Camp - Summer Snowball Fight

Hi friends! It’s artist and guest blogger, Missy, here again! I’ve always enjoyed making all sorts of crafts as well as doing 2-D art. My favorite is when a craft can be more than just pretty to look at; it can be useful as well.

Where I live, Olympia, Washington, it’s getting pretty hot. I hear it has been extremely hot in Utah lately! Here is a fun craft to make while staying cool indoors. Then you can use your craft to stay cool outdoors.

Summer Snowball Craft


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Bowl
  • Hair pick
  • And if you don’t have a hair pick:
    • Wooden BBQ skewers/ thin wooden dowels
    • 2 pieces of cardboard, about 2”x4”


  1. Cut a piece of yarn 12” long and place it between the middle tines of your hair pick.***
  2. Hold the hair pick sideways and start wrapping yarn around and around the tines of the hair pick (or around the BBQ skewers). Do this 100 times.
  3. Take the 12” piece of yarn and tie it as tight as you can (have an adult help if you need it) around the middle of all the yarn you just wrapped.
  4. Turn the hair pick (or “snowball-making-machine”) over and tie it again. The tighter the better.
  5. (Remove one of the cardboard pieces from the BBQ skewers on your “snowball-making-machine”) Carefully slide the whole bundle off the end of the hair pick.
  6. There will be tons of loops above and below the middle knot. Carefully cut each loop.
  7. Shake out your snowball and notice any extra long pieces, give them a little haircut. 
  8. Now you have a snowball!
  9. Make at least 5 snowballs for everyone in your family. Fill your bowl with water and take it outside. Dunk all the snowballs in the water. Now you are ready to have a Summer Snowball Fight! Have fun!

***(If you don’t have a hair pick, you can make a “snowball-making-machine” by sliding wooden BBQ skewers through the side of one piece of cardboard towards the top and bottom. Then slide the other piece of cardboard onto the other ends of the BBQ skewers, making a rectangle shape. Cut a tiny slit on one of the cardboard pieces on the inside of the rectangle to hold your 12” piece of yarn).

Water fights are always so much fun and a great way to beat the heat of the summer! Make sure you play nicely with your family and remember, no aiming for faces. Stay cool!

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