"The World Around Us" Week - Neighborhood Nature Walk

Hi everyone, this is Elise with day 3 of activities exploring "The World Around Us." Today I encourage you and your kids to put away the devices, turn the TV off, and get outside for some fresh air and exploration. I live in the suburbs, and at first glance, there might not be that much nature to explore. But, out on my nature walk today I saw a squirrel, dozens of birds, tiny flowers popping up in the grass, trees starting to bud, and more. It also started to rain on my walk and the smell of the fresh rain was amazing. 

While on your nature walk you are going to look for and gather certain items with your family. Each person should create their own nature walk bag to take on the walk. Use this bag to collect items as you go! Before you head outside, watch this video with your kids to learn more about nature. 

Neighborhood Nature Walk

Supplies needed:

  • Paper sack/bag or piece of paper and plastic bag
  • Markers

Activity instructions:

  • Make a list on your bag of things you are going to collect: 
    • something rough
    • something smooth
    • something crunchy
    • something green
    • something brown
    • something tiny
  • Make a list on your bag of things you are going to draw:
    • something alive
    • something big
    • signs of spring

Add to these lists to make them your own. Now it's time to get shoes on and head out on your walk!

This walk is the perfect time to slow down and explore with your kids. Take time to look at piles of twigs, look for flowers in the weeds in the grass, or search for the perfect rock. Make sure you are social distancing from other groups who are outside. Use this time to get some fresh air, slow down, and enjoy exploring the world around you with your family.

When you get back and examine what everyone found to fill their bags, you can have your kids explore the Nature Cat website to watch episodes, play games, and more!