Valentine's Day Craft

Hello! I’m an artist and a guest blogger here at PBS KIDS Utah and my name is Missy. When I want to send a letter or a note to a friend, I like to make my very own cards and envelopes. They are simple to make and are a great homemade gift. Let’s make our own Valentines. Remember to check out the snail-mail guide below to make sure your envelope is the right size for mailing!



  1. Use your scissors to cut out the envelope pattern (following the very outside lines). On your second pattern, cut out the rectangle in the middle. This is the card pattern. 
  2. Choose one of your papers for the envelope. Lay the envelope pattern on that paper and trace around the edge with your pencil. 
  3. Use your scissors to cut out the envelope shape on your paper. 
  4. Look for the dotted lines on your pattern and image (or draw with your pencil) where those lines fall on your paper envelope shape. Fold along those 4 lines. 
  5. Lay your envelope flat with the “top” furthest away from you. Fold the right flap into the middle and put a bit of glue on the end of it. Now fold the left flat over to meet that glued end and stick them together. 
  6. Now put a bit of glue on the end of the left flap and fold the bottom flap up, stick it to the two flaps that are already stuck together. 
  7. Take out your card pattern and choose another paper for your card. Trace the card pattern on that paper and cut it out. 
  8. Use your markers to decorate your card any way you like. 
  9. Now put your card in your envelope and glue it shut.

You can make Valentines for your family members, your teachers, your friends or your neighbors. Let them know how much you love them, how much you miss them or how great a friend they are. You can send them in the mail or hand them out in person. Have fun and be creative!

Download and Print the Envelope Template

Image icon Printable Valentine Envelope Template387.53 KB

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