Why the Reading Marathon is Important to Nathan's Family!

The PBS KIDS Utah Reading Marathon is important to us because my girls love to read! My wife and I started reading to them the day we brought them home. We read after school and every night before bed to wind down for the day. The 20 minutes a day reading requirement is not a problem at our house!

Before the pandemic, we were regulars at the Library. We let the girls pick out any book that looked interesting to them. Luckily, we have a pretty big collection of books at home, plus our tablets to keep us reading during our long hours at home.

One of the benefits to reading to our girls at bedtime is that we get to share some of our favorite childhood books with them. I’ve even written some of my own stories, using them as my inspiration. This is part of the reason why they love to make up and illustrate their own stories. Reading has always fueled their creativity.

All the reading they do pays off too! My second grader is helping to tutor some of her classmates in reading this year. I think she developed her early reading skills from hearing her older sisters read out loud and her strong desire to read on her own. 

We take part in the PBS KIDS Utah Reading Marathon just for the fun of it, but earning the Adventure Pass as a reward is icing on the cake! Reading to your kids and having them read to you is a great way to bond and all the more reason to participate. Who knows- maybe you and your kids might learn something together.

Contributed by Nathan, a Long time PBS Utah employee and Dad to three young ladies

The PBS KIDS Utah Reading Marathon encourages children to read 20 minutes each day during the month of November, then enter their minutes online to earn an Adventure Pass.

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