Writers & Illustrators Contest - Drawing the Great Outdoors

Hello! It’s me, guest blogger and artist, Missy. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in my backyard, or looking out the window. I’ve seen birds, squirrels, and evergreen trees. I’ve also been planting a vegetable garden. These observations led to this week’s project to bring inspiration to your Writers & Illustrators Contest drawings. This year’s theme is “Explore the Outdoors!” To learn more about the contest, checkout the website here. Stories must be postmarked on or before May 1.

I love many types of arts and crafts. But I always come back to drawing. It’s the foundation for painting, designing and building. It’s a fun skill. And the more you practice, the better you become. Last month’s drawing book was such a hit, I thought I’d create some more drawing pages. These can be used to illustrate the stories you are writing for the contest.

Missy's Drawing Book - The Great Outdoors


Print or view Missy's Drawing Book to get started!



  1. Print or view Missy's Drawing Book.
  2. Start with Page 1 of Missy’s Drawing Book. This page has Shapes And Lines that will be used throughout the book. Practice drawing each shape and line, using a pencil or pen, until you are comfortable with them all.
  3. Move on to any other page you would like. Follow the page left to right, top to bottom. Draw the first line or shape. Look to the right and see what the difference is between the first and second image. Add that difference, whether it be a line or a shape, to your drawing on your paper. Keep moving along in this way until you come to the last image.
  4. Now you’re done with your drawing and you can color it with crayons or markers.
  5. Choose a new page and repeat the steps.
  6. Have fun!

Once you’ve completed each page, try making up your own drawing. Go outside or look out the window. Choose something and break it down into main shapes and lines. You can even try making your own How-To-Draw page and teach your family. Keep practicing!