Writers & Illustrators Contest - Make-A-Book

Hi! It’s guest blogger, Missy! Being an artist, I have a need for sketchbooks. I’m pretty much obsessed with them. I have sketchbooks with thin paper. I have sketchbooks with thick paper. I have sketchbooks with black paper. I have tiny sketchbooks. I have giant sketchbooks. I even have many sketchbooks I’ve made myself.

Making your very own sketchbook is a fun and inexpensive way to keep all your drawings together, practice new art techniques, and test new art supplies. You can also use a homemade book to write a story, keep a diary, make plans for a project, write check lists, create secret codes, etc. You can also use this book to write and illustrate your outdoor adventure story for the Writers & Illustrators Contest!



  • 5+ sheets white paper
  • 1 sheet construction/scrapbook paper (optional), cut to the same size as your white paper
  • Hole punch (or an awl or a nail)
  • ~2 feet of string (or yarn or embroidery floss)
  • Needle (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


  1. Fold each sheet of paper in half, hamburger-style. Do this for both white paper and construction/scrapbook paper.
  2. Unfold and lay flat with the white papers on top of the construction/scrapbook paper.
  3. Using the ruler, mark 1 inch from the top and the bottom of each page, right along the fold. (If your hole punch can’t reach 1 inch, ½ inch will work just fine too).
  4. Using the hole punch (or awl or nail), make a hole on the fold where you made each mark.
  5. Take your string (or yarn or embroidery floss) and thread it onto a needle. This step might not be necessary depending on how big the holes in your paper are.
  6. Poke the string down through the top hole passing through all the layers of paper, but leaving a six inch tail. Turn your papers over so the construction/scrapbook paper is on top. Poke the string up through the bottom hole, passing through all the layers of paper.
  7. Turn your papers back over and tie your string to its tail. Trim the ends as you like.
  8. Fold along the fold you created in the beginning, so the construction/scrapbook paper is on the front and back. It’s your cover!
  9. Give your book a title!

Now you have your very own book! So start your Writers & Illustrators story in it today! Have fun!

The PBS KIDS Utah Writers & Illustrators Contest is celebrating its 19th year with the theme “Explore the Outdoors.” Deadline for story submissions has been extended through May 1st. Learn more here: pbsutah.org/writers