Contact in the Community

Contact in the Community hosted by Mary Dickson, is a web series inspired by PBS Utah’s Contact with Mary Dickson. The produced segments take a more in-depth look at Utah’s arts and culture organizations by going out into the community to highlight the wide range of groups and events available in the state.

Utah Symphony's UNWOUND Concert Series | CONTACT in the Community

Step inside the Utah Symphony’s latest concert series, UNWOUND – a new and exciting concert experience enhanced with elements only available at these unique performances. Set tradition aside in this casual atmosphere where the music is the same, but the rules are thrown out the window.

Springville's All-State High School Art Competition | CONTACT in the Community

KUED peeks inside the making of the best high school art exhibition of its kind in the Mountain West. Each year, the Springville Museum of Art hosts the All-State High School Art Competition where Utah's teens proudly show off their talents. For some, it is their first foray into competition and a chance to showcase their skills.

Utah Chamber Artists' Collage Concerts | Contact in the Community

Each fall, Utah Chamber Artists, under the direction of Dr. Barlow Bradford, present its “Collage Concert” at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City. This highly anticipated event has been a tradition since 1991. The concerts highlight the choir’s unique sound and the cathedral’s glorious art and architecture through transcendent music and creative lighting direction.

The Old Capitol Storytelling Festival | Contact in the Community

The Old Capitol Storytelling Festival isn't the only storytelling festival in Utah, but it is the only one that is exclusively about Utah. KUED's Mary Dickson takes a look at the inaugural festival in Fillmore where professionals and amateurs alike are invited to "claim their territory" and share their stories about what makes Utah unique. 

Logan's Historic Theatre District | Contact in the Community

Cache Valley has always been a center for the arts in Utah.

Logan’s theatre district boasts of beautifully renovated historic theatres that have served as inspiration for arts venues in surrounding communities. Because Logan is a small town, the organizations that occupy these theatres often work collaboratively to provide a cohesive arts experience that delights residents as well as tourists.

Mary Dickson met with the following individuals in this episode:

Michael Ballam, Founder of Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre
Wendi Hassan, Executive Director, Cache Valley Center for the Arts
Craig Jessop, Founder of American Festival Chorus and Orchestra & Founding Dean of Caine College of Fine Arts (USU)

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