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KUED Kids Writers and Illustrators Contest

in Partnership with Natural History Museum of Utah


Now through April 15, 2019


May 2019


May 18, 2019


The KUED PBS KIDS Writers Contest, in partnership with Natural History Museum of Utah, is for kids kindergarten through sixth grade. Send us your SPACE themed story to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Stories can be fact or fiction – as long as they are on our theme of SPACE!

Stories are accepted now through April 15th. Winners will be announced in May and will enjoy a day with their families at the Natural History Museum of Utah, have their stories published online, and get to participate in a traveling art exhibit hosted by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums!

Here is everything you will need to help your budding writer and artist submit their entry.

  1. First, take a peek at the local Contest Entry Form and Rules (Print PDF Here). It has all the information you need to get your story ready to submit! Make sure you can enter the Contest.
  2. Print off the Contest Entry Form and Rules (Print PDF Here). Have a parent or guardian fill out the form completely, sign it, and mail it with your story to be entered in the Contest.
  3. Check out past KUED Kids winners (below) so you have an idea of what some winning stories look like. You might get some inspiration!
  4. What should your story include? 1) A beginning, middle, and end – remember to stay within the word count! 2) A central event, like a conflict or discovery. Remember, it has to be on the theme of SPACE! 3) Characters who change or learn a lesson. 4) A minimum of 5 illustrations that help tell the tale.
  5. Stories must be received by April 15, 2019!


Mail Story, Contest Entry Form, and a self-addressed stamped envelope (so we can return your story) to:

KUED Channel 7
Attn: Elise Brimhall
101 Wasatch Dr., RM 215
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Educators & Librarians

Contact to receive KUED Kids materials to distribute at your writing workshops. Please include your name, where you teach or your library, the date of your event, and how many students you expect at your event or in your class.

Printable Activity Sheets

(click on image to download PDF)


All stories start with an idea of the characters, places or events that will be in the story. Use these worksheets to help your child and students start to form ideas for potential stories. These activities provide a space to freely develop story ideas through text and illustration.

Parent Resources

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Winners from Previous Years