Keep Your Resolution for Healthy Eating this Winter with Locally Sourced Food

Have a healthier, more community-connected year

There are many benefits to eating locally grown foods. It helps strengthen all members of the community, both buyers and growers, and supports small businesses. Local foods are fresher and therefore better for the environment and your body, as they don't have to be transported so far. 

Keeping New Year's resolutions is never easy but if healthy eating is one of yours, it just got easier! Beginning in 2018, the Rio Grande Winter Market will be held every weekend until April.

Many vendors are selling fruits and veggies harvested after the first frost and kept fresh in temperature-controlled storage. Local farmers are also continuing to grow throughout the season using hoop houses and greenhouses, which enables you to buy fresh fruits and veggies including apples, winter squash, carrots, greens, mushrooms, herbs, turnips, beets and more.

Stop by and check out the impressive selection and get to know your local farmers. To keep up with market events and get to know the vendors, follow on Instagram @slcfarmersmarket or follow their Facebook page.

Happy New Year and happy eating!

DATES: Nov 11, 2017 - April 21, 2018

TIME: Saturdays 10am - 2pm

WHERE: Rio Grande Depot, 300 S. Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City, Utah

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