Red Butte Garden Greenhouse Tour - Part 1

Modern Gardener visited Red Butte Gardens to get some insight for the upcoming planting season.  While there, Greenhouse Manager Eric Cook gave us a tour of the Red Butte’s impressive tropical plant collection.

The majority of the greenhouse space is dedicated to plants that are frequently rotated through the lobby of the Garden’s visitor center.  It’s not often in Utah’s biting March weather that we are lucky enough to walk down aisles of tropical trees and shrubs. We simply could not leave without a guided tour. Most of the plants in the three greenhouses are healthy and mature.  For anyone with even a passing love of plants, the display is stunning.

We rolled the cameras for what we thought would be a brief walkthrough. Instead, Eric generously detailed each area of the greenhouse, the purpose and the plants on hand. We tried to capture the feel of each building, as well as some useful information for growers.

The first room of the greenhouse is a walk in the tropics with lime trees and glossy bromeliads. The temperature is kept warm and humid year-round. 

Mark Thomas

KUED Digital Media

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