Red Butte Garden Greenhouse Tour - Part 2

Modern Gardener had the opportunity to tour the Red Butte Garden’s Dumke Greenhouse and learn about some of its fantastic and colorful native and exotic plants.

Join us as Eric Cook, the greenhouse manager, gives us an exclusive sneak peek to the varieties of water-wise plants including succulents and cacti, as well as, Brassica—like purple, flowering kale and cabbage—and more!

In this continued video of our fascinating greenhouse tour, we explore pineapple bromeliads, beneficial insects that help fight against fungus gnats and other pests, cold-tolerant flowering plants like Calendulas and Ranunculus and more.

We also learned about the edible herb bronze fennel, which is highly coveted as a decorative plant for its delicate, fern-like, leaves.

A plant featured at the sale is a hardy, local variety of pomegranate tree that's cultivated right here in Utah.

Have you ever seen an Agave americana that is taller than the average first-grader? Visit Red Butte Garden this weekend to see all these and more!

Red Butte’s member’s only plant sale begins today, May 11th, and tomorrow the public is welcome to come and visit the gardens and find some fun and unique plants for the garden, yard and the indoors.

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