Utah Water Gardens and Ponds

By Mark Thomas

There’s something special about the quiet sound of water pouring over rocks, it seems to affect us on a very primal level. The noise of running water immediately puts people at ease. Living in the high deserts of Utah anyone drawn to the calming presence of water has just a few options, either get outdoors and make their way to the canyon streams, or install a water feature on their property.

The idea of a pond is enticing, but the cost of installation and the work of on-going upkeep can be daunting.  We visited several the homes of two members of the Utah Water Garden and Koi Club to get a sense of what a prospective pond owner can expect when they finally decide to take the plunge.

For more information about building a water feature of any size visit the website for the Utah Water Garden and Koi Club to meet pond owners who have already gotten their feet wet.

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Mark Thomas

KUED Digital Media

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