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season one Episode three

Diversity in Religious Art

Can depictions of religious icons in art & architecture have an impact on the deepness of one’s connection to their faith? We speak with Laura Hurtado, Director of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, about the history of Eurocentric images in Christian art, and Black artist Melissa Tshikamba, whose works diversify religious images, about growing up feeling unrepresented in her own faith.

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Frost City Tattoo

A passion for art doesn't just display on the canvas, sometimes it's skin deep as well.

Art can take many forms, and at Frost City Tattoo in Midvale, Utah, it usually comes with an extra personal twist. Founder Fred Frost takes great pride in combining the cultural traditions of his Samoan ancestors with unique contemporary designs. Learn how that passion has made his shop one of the most sought after in the country.