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Special | Four-Legged Friends

Sometimes animals really are man’s best friend — or the perfect coworker. We’ll travel through the streets of Brigham City with a third-generation sheep rancher, join Snowbird’s avalanche rescue dogs as they race against time to find trapped skiers in the backcountry, and meet the volunteer horse riders who help keep Antelope Island’s bison population in check at the annual Bison Roundup.

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Special Premieres January 20 at 7:00 PM

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A Running Legacy

Lane Jensen of the Eph C. Jensen Livestock Co. is a third generation sheep rancher. Every autumn since the 1930s, the Jensen family has run sheep through Mantua, Sardine Canyon, and Brigham City to their winter pasture in Bear River City. We’ll follow Lane & his wife Angie as they continue the yearly sheep drive, and learn why it’s so important for the Jensens to keep the family traditions alive.

Avalanche Rescue Dogs

Little Cottonwood Canyon is the birthplace of U.S. avalanche science, and at the forefront of many a snowy search & rescue operation, there’s an avalanche rescue dog. Meet Snowbird Ski Patroller Marguerite Van Komen and her partner Frankie the rescue dog, and see how our furry friends are working to keep Utah’s outdoor enthusiasts safe in the face of disaster.

Antelope Island Bison Roundup

For more than 30 years the Antelope Island Bison Roundup has invited riders young and old to try their hand at corralling the island’s herd of 700 wild bison, each of which can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and run at a top speed of 40 mph. Meet the volunteer horse riders who are taking on the bison for the very first time.

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