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Utahns have never been known to shy away from a challenge. See how rock climbers and Emery County residents combined heritage and extreme sports to create the annual Joe’s Valley Festival, meet the members of State Street Boxing Gym, who train each day to succeed both in the ring and in life itself, and hit the salt as we ride along with land-speed record holders at Bonneville Speed Week.

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Special Premieres February 3 at 7:00 PM

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Joe's Valley

The 5th Annual Joe’s Valley Festival is bigger than ever this year. The event that highlights bouldering, a sport that has helped breathe new life into the area, will showcase the strength, stamina, and incredible talents of climbers from around the world including the American Ninja Warrior Winner Isaac Caldera who is from Utah. Beyond showcasing the athlete’s on and off the rocks we will talk to local business owners and people in the area about how the festival has revitalized Joe’s Valley.

Boxing Gym

Three native Utahn’s are building their dreams one boxing step at a time. Owner and former boxing champion, David Mario Ramos, has big ideas for his new State Street Gym, and the inner-city youth it draws. Gianni Madrid (21) hopes to one day become a champion boxer and help support his mother and sisters. Alex Torrez (15) dreams about paying it forward by helping young kids overcome their insecurities and anxieties through boxing.

Bonneville Speed Week

Each summer, self-proclaimed “motorheads” from around the world make the pilgrimage to a unique geologic feature in Utah’s west desert: The Bonneville International Speedway. Meet four Utah families — the Volks, Nishes, Youngbloods, and Burkdolls — who work on their custom hot rods & streamliners all year round for a chance at breaking another land speed record.

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