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Utah Insight, a new weekly series from PBS Utah, examines the most pressing issues facing the state, as hosts Liz Adeola and RaeAnn Christensen join leading authorities and newsmakers to shed light on the issues that matter to Utahns most — from air quality to affordable housing. Each episode features a panel of experts, interviews with people on the front lines, and a segment illustrating the human impact these issues have on our friends and neighbors.

With a full half-hour dedicated to each topic, Utah Insight is a central resource for thorough analysis on the issues Utahns care about — as hosts Liz Adeola and RaeAnn Christensen guide viewers through the finer details on Utah’s tech boom, or the urban-rural divide in mental health services. Pre-produced segments highlight the individuals and organizations working to tackle these issues in their own ways, from high school students creating art for air quality to a new initiative bringing tech jobs to rural communities.

Season Two of Utah Insight Returns on May 21

Utah Insight incorporates viewer questions and comments into the conversation, fielding Utahns’ pressing questions about a topic right to those best equipped to answer them. Viewer feedback is also built into the end of every episode, featuring commentary shared through email and social media.

Utah Insight presents an in-depth, comprehensive look at issues impacting the state, offering nuanced perspectives and highlighting the real-life impacts they have on Utahns today, with thorough analysis from leading experts and local authorities. By providing ample time to discuss the issues they care about, Utah Insight leaves viewers more informed and better prepared to confront these issues in their own lives and in their communities.

Meet Our Hosts

Liz Adeola

Host and Executive Producer

A graduate of Purdue University and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, she started working in the television news industry in 2005. Liz’s reports have been featured on a number of national news outlets including PBS NewsHour Weekend. Liz has traveled the state of Utah having meaningful conversations with Utahns about the issues that matter to them, and looks forward to moving that conversation forward on Utah Insight with powerful take-aways that inspire action.

RaeAnn Christensen

host and producer

An Emmy & APTRA award-winning reporter and producer with more than 15 years’ experience in journalism, RaeAnn has spent much of her time in Utah producing and reporting for local news outlets. RaeAnn looks forward to being part of a show that gives an outlet for exploring significant issues impacting our state.