Explore Five Principles for Discovering Your Life’s True Purpose

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Monday, March 3, 2014 - 7:00pm

Based on the March 2014 book of the same title, I Can See Clearly Now is the most personal program of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s career. Seated in a comfortable living room setting, Dr. Dyer offers an intimate and revealing conversation about events in his own life — from his childhood in Detroit to the present day. He vividly relates in unflinching detail his impressions of encountering forks in the road and takes viewers with him through these formative experiences. Dr. Dyer reveals what he has learned from his own experiences: there are no accidents, and all the choices we make and actions we take weave a life tapestry uniquely our own. KUED airs I Can See Clearly Now  Monday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m. 

I Can See Clearly Now is organized around five principles that have guided Dr. Dyer through his important life choices. He compares them to the rungs on a ladder. As we climb the ladder throughout our lifetime we are able to see more clearly, applying each principle to gain an ever-deepening awareness of our life’s true purpose. With his usual wit and wisdom, Dr. Dyer peppers the program with personal revelations of the private challenges behind his public success.

The five principles featured in the program are: 

The Willingness to See More Clearly Now – Dr. Dyer shares the importance of being willing to do anything to make your dreams come true. He also relates the truth behind Mark Twain's claim it’s not what you don’t know, but what you know for sure that gets you into trouble.

The Determination to See More Clearly Now – This principle concerns the importance of having and acting on a burning desire. Dr. Dyer shares stories about his time in the Navy, his determination to get into a good university despite a lackluster high school record, and the book he read that changed his thinking forever.  

The Fearlessness to See Clearly Now – Dr. Dyer explains the subtle ways fear lives within all of us, and how he faced very personal fears at several key junctures of his life. He also talks about the fearlessness we need to recognize the teachers in our lives, who can have such a strong impact on us.

The Compassion to See Clearly Now – Dr. Dyer explains that it is often the lowest moments of our lives that reveal our true purpose. He speaks publicly for the first time about his separation from his wife, who is in the audience, and how the dissolution of his marriage taught him compassion. 

The Love to See Clearly Now – The highest rung of the ladder is the principle of love, which allows us to see our lives more clearly and reach our greatest awareness.

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